Bliss & Balance was created when our founder Laura was unable to find a yoga mat that she immediately fell in love with.

She wanted to create a collection that was vibrant yet beautiful, something that felt luxurious and that also gave people a sense of calm and happiness when they stepped on to their mat.

Growing up in New Zealand near the beach and surrounded by nature, along with her passion for culture and travel, Laura's experiences gave her an appreciation for alluring colours and textures, these are the inspiration for our designs.

Our ethos is firmly centered around nurturing not only Mother Earth, but also yourself. Considering this, it was important to Laura to create a yoga mat that was environmentally sustainable, only using materials that did not contribute to our planets pollution or own health issues.

Laura is a qualified Kinesiologist, passionate about yoga and the health and wellbeing of herself and others. It is her dream for others to find bliss & balance in their busy lives, hopefully our designs help to nourish that.

Peace, Love & Happiness x


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