Posted on September 01 2020


Times certainly have changed in recent months, with COVID19 taking centre stage and our beloved fitness studios taking a back seat to the pandemic. 

With things slowly getting back to normal in most states, and businesses opening their doors again, I think we are all so grateful that we can continue doing what we love and getting our flow back on, even if we’ve already been doing so at home.

As the world looks a little different now, we must be more conscious and aware of bacteria and viruses floating around ready to jump on board if we allow them to! 

Usually most studios have mats that you can use or rent, but right now that is just not a good idea when you think about all the sweat and bodily fluids a yoga mat can harbour and build up over time. A lot of studios have now put in place the BYO mat and props rule which is a lot more hygienic, and a sure way to keep you healthy while still being able to get back into your favorite classes.



Because of this, there has been an increased demand for our mats and props as people are loving having the time to either start yoga in their own home, or to continue their practice through their favourite studio.

The best thing about investing in your own yoga mat is that you can take it anywhere with you on your travels, and always know that you have your safe space to practice yoga, work up a sweat with a HIIT workout or simply chill in meditation.


If you have made the commitment to purchasing your own eco yoga mat, here are a few tips on caring for your mat:

  • Sometimes new mats can be a little slippery. Usually after a few uses, the mat starts to wear in and become grippier. If after a few uses you still can’t get your grip, give it a light wash as this can speed things up. 
  • When it comes to washing, less is more! Over washing or using harsh cleaning sprays can fade the print and age your mat quicker. Check out our cleaning tips here.
  • Depending on how often you practice and how much you sweat, it can be beneficial to air your mat out after a particularly sweaty session before rolling it up.
  • The top layer of fabric on our mats is UV resistant which makes it perfect for an outdoor flow, however, be sure not to leave your mat outside in the sun or in a hot car or studio all day as this may affect the rubber.
  • Most importantly, remember to have fun on your mat!