Valentine's Day ~ A Day of Self Love

Posted on February 11 2021

Valentine's Day ~ A Day of Self Love

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us and I can’t help but feel, no real love for it. I understand that some people are all for it, and derive great pleasure from showering their other half with love and gifts but I still think it’s a bit of a money making scam and can leave some people, feeling really lonely.

If you’re not really into it either but still want to have a special kind of day, why not make it a day of self love, just for you? People often spend so much time and energy taking care of everyone around them, they neglect their own needs of a little nurturing and relaxation.

Here are a few of my favourite ideas on how you can pamper your mind, body & soul in just one day.



Start the day, your way

Everyone has different ideas of what the best way to start their day is, whether you’re a morning person or not, only you know what your body needs. For some, that means a proper sleep in, no pesky alarm or kids jumping all over you, just your body naturally telling you when it’s ready to wake up.

For others, getting up at the crack of dawn and finding somewhere beautiful to watch the sunrise could be their ideal way to cruise into their morning.

Either way, schedule this uninterrupted time with yourself to start the day, your way.



Move your Body

Once you’re feeling awake and hopefully chilled out, it’s time to move your body and get those endorphins flowing! Yoga comes to us in so many different ways, there is a class to suit every style, mood and skill level.

Maybe heading to your favourite studio to be around like minded yogis is your thing, or maybe you’ve just watched the sunrise and you want to make the most of your surroundings by rolling out your mat in the fresh air. 

If this sounds tempting but you’re unsure if you can create your own flow, check out AloMoves Fitness App. It offers classes from so many amazing teachers, catering to all skill levels and taking into consideration how long you have to practice and if there is something specific you want to work on. They also offer pilates, barre, HIIT, meditation & sound baths.



Lunch of Love

After yoga you’ve surely worked up an appetite so it’s time to replenish the body with lots of delicious and nutritious food. There are so many amazing cafes and beautiful small businesses that could do with some love too after the past year, so why not take yourself to your favourite spot or explore something new, and dig in. 

If you’re in and around Melbourne and haven’t checked out FourthChapter in Prahran yet, they have an amazing selection of fresh, colourful goodness waiting to be Instagrammed, I mean eaten.



Get in to Nature

After letting your lunch go down a little, it’s great to get the body gently moving again to help aid digestion. Heading into nature to absorb all of those negative ions (they’re the good ones), is sure to put a smile on your face.

Depending on where you live or what your vibe is, a great place to start is the beach for a walk along the sand, or if you’re feeling a little more energetic then getting in the ocean for a surf.

If you aren’t near the coast, then going bush and getting amongst the trees is just as good, I absolutely love bushwalking and try to do it daily. It brings me such a feeling of calm and happiness, if I’ve had a shitty day or am feeling super stressed, chucking on my runners and walking in nature always leaves me feeling a million times better.

If you’re looking for walking inspo in your area or further afield, check out the AllTrails app. It has thousands of walks from all over the world, ranging from easy to hard, 1km to 100km+ so you’re sure to find somewhere for a new adventure.


Bathe & Pamper

After such a busy, yet nurturing day, it’s time to unwind and what better way to sooth away any remaining stress, than by running yourself a nice hot bath. For an added benefit, pop on a facemask, throw in some epsom salts or your favourite bath bomb and soak away the day. 

And if you’re needing that little bit extra, pour yourself a nice glass of wine, grab a good book or the latest podcast and enjoy, because let's be honest, what’s a bath without a glass of wine?... or maybe that’s just me. 




Night-Time Nourishment

By now, you are probably ravenous and looking for delicious sustenance to get in your belly! For something quick and easy, get yourself on board the nourish bowl train! Nutritionist Jessica Sepel, sums them up perfectly:

“Living the healthy life is full of variety, delicious and doesn’t have to be time consuming or complicated. Case in point = nourish bowls! A nourish bowl is a balanced, nutrient-dense meal that lets you be creative and build a satisfying dish in a flash, based on what flavours you’re in the mood for or what ingredients you have in the fridge.” Check out Jessica’s mouth watering nourish bowl ideas here.



Bedtime Meditation & Gratitude

Hopefully you are feeling completely content and recharged and are ready to get some serious Zzzzzz. Before you drift off though you can still squeeze one more ounce of relaxation out of the day by listening to a guided meditation. I love the InsightTimer app as you can choose how long you would like to meditate and also what you are meditating on. If you prefer to go solo, they have timers for that too.

Lastly it’s time to remind yourself, and let the universe know what you are grateful for. I find choosing 3 things either from today, or just about life in general is a beautiful way to wrap up the day. It can be something big and profound that doesn’t happen everyday, or more often than not, it’s the small things. 

Now it’s time for sleep, may you dream deeply and love freely. xxx